• XAMPPはポータブル版を使用
  • Webのドキュメントルート用フォルダを作成
  • MySQLやMariaDBはXAMPP同梱版ではなく、別にインストールして、サービスで切り替える
“ローカルの制作環境(Web開発編)” の続きを読む


  • 知識や基本的な社会常識、物の道理の理解は持ち合わせている。
  • 図形の構成や推理など視覚による情報処理は得意としている。
  • 丁寧でミスは少ないので、作業は確かと思われる。ただ、スピードを要求される事は苦手のよう。
  • 同時並行の作業はやや苦手かもしれない。
  • コミュニケーションが極めて苦手。スムーズにいかない経験が多いためか、物事や人と関わる事に、受け身的、消極的、時に否定的になりがちのよう。そのためマイペースに見られたり、誤解されることもあると思われる。
  • 人から誤解されたり理解されない体験から自信を持てず、劣等感も強まり、またコミュニケーションがうまくいかなかったりして傷つき、自信を無くし、萎縮してしまい、結果的に今は人との関わりから引きこもる事が一番安心で、安定を得ていると考えられる。




  • 耳からの情報処理が苦手である
  • 文章の要点を理解することは苦手である
  • 単純作業が苦手である



A question often asked by native speakers.

A question often asked by native speakers.

Why don’t you speak English?

First, I don’t usually talk in English in Japan.
I taught myself British English when I was a child.
When I was 10 to 11 years old, an Australian came over and we used to talk a lot.
But I responded to them all in Japanese.
The last time I spoke to a native speaker was when I was 20 years old, on a school trip to Hawaii.
I do email and chat with them, but I haven’t spoken English since.
When I in primary school, I ate shortbread and drank tea at snack time.
And I had a stomachache.
I didn’t know at the time that I was lactose intolerant and that tea was not good for my body.
When I knew that, I was extremely shocked to find out that I couldn’t be British.
The Hawaiians say that a lot of my English is British English, and when I relax, I say the Aussie English.
If my father memories are correct, it seems that I was the one who had informed him of the differences in the English used by his workmates coming from Australia about a year before they visited.
I had no memory of it.

(Solved) The truth of Otsuka Corporation server falsification


This describes a server falsification that took place at Otsuka Corporation in Japan on January 19, 2019.
This issue had been resolved, and with the appropriate settings, there is no further threat.
At that time, I worked as a company employee, but it was decided to quit my job in early November of that year.
The victim’s site appears to have been successfully reopened.

Remember, there is nothing perfect in this world, so there is always a security hole.
My opinion is that people make the system, and people use it.
Each has different ideas.
There are unlimited uses beyond what system designers expect, and the system does not always work perfectly.
Even if one system does not cause a problem, it is quite possible that another system will cause a problem.
Developers including me should not forget that.

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