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You can calculate "%, vw, vh, em, rem", metallic means ratio and aspect ratio.「%, vw, vh, em, rem」の計算、貴金属比やアスペクト比の計算ができます。

Font size calculationフォントサイズの計算

The metallic means and aspect ratio貴金属平均とアスペクト比

The calculation result is rounded down to four decimal places.
When converting to an integer, please follow the respective policy.

The metallic means (metallic ratio) is the ratio that humans have felt beautiful since ancient times.貴金属平均(貴金属比)は、古くから人間が美しいと感じる比率です。

The metallic means (metallic ratio)貴金属平均(貴金属比)

Aspect ratioアスペクト比